Risk Management Plan and Sample Templates

It doesn’t matter how well you plan a project. All projects are prone to risk which may or may not materialize during project execution stage. The risk could be as simple as project member’s unplanned leave which could affect a specific task to as big as a natural calamity which cripples the entire project.  Having said that, it doesn’t mean we should look like a sitting duck out there waiting for the risk becomes imminent. There are procedures in project management which would help us to identify the potential risks, analyze the possibility of those risk occurrence and ways to...

Project Management Constraints and Examples

A constraint in project management is any restriction that limits project’s desired outcome. Project constraint is one of the important factors that would influence the way you manage the project and in some cases, it would be a determinant factor to decide whether to continue the project or not. Project limitations can fall under different categories and it is critical to identify and understand each of them that affect your project. This way, you can focus your analysis on those limitations and substantially increase your preparedness to deal with them. (more…)