How WBS Dictionary Help You to Groom Your Work Breakdown Structure

For all those who are looking for a free WBS, dictionary template will undoubtedly get what you look for from this section. Ok, then what else you need? I understand that you want to know some inputs regarding the WBS dictionary template with examples and you can find that on this page.

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First, Let Me Begin With The Basics, And Here You Go.

WBS stands for Work Breakdown Structure, and it is the breakdown of the entire project scope hierarchically. The WBS dictionary is the project administration document. It gives all the details about every single component present in the WBS. It takes a vital place in the scope of the management planning and is the It’s an integral part of the management planning and considered next to the project administration plan.

Difference Between WBS And WBS Dictionary

In one word if I should let you know the difference between WBS and WBS dictionary, then understand that the extended form of WBS is the WBS dictionary. Both must get aligned together to describes the scope of the project.

WBS is the chain of command chart and finding extensive detail in every cell is difficult. You may need more information to provide to your team to perform the task accurately. Those extra features are available in the WBS dictionary. It will contain every task detail elaborately written.

WBS Dictionary Contents

The following details will be present in a WBS dictionary, and it may be included or removed based on each project.

  1. Name of the Project
  2. Project Number
  3. Project Manager Name
  4. Date
  5. Document Number
  6. Project In charge
  7. WBS Code
  8. Resources Requirement
  9. The Assumptions and the Constraints
  10. Cost Estimation
  11. Accounting Code
  12. Resource Allocation
  13. Holidays
  14. Quality Need
  15. Name of the Component
  16. Dependencies
  17. Project Assigned Date
  18. Effort Estimation
  19. Acceptance Criteria
  20. Work Description
  21. References
  22. Due Date
  23. Deliverables
  24. Whom to Deliver

WBS Dictionary For Construction Project

Now, you about WBS And the WBS dictionary which consist of all details of the project in detail. You also know all the components to be present in the dictionary. And, you will understand what is meant by a WBS dictionary referred to as in a construction project. All the details related to the construction project will be given in the WBS dictionary.

The planning includes the following management

  • Scope
  • Schedule
  • Quality
  • Human Resource Management
  • Cost

Also includes the project environmental factors.

WBS Dictionary Example

You can make use of a word document and create the WBS dictionary. You can understand that building it is quite simple, and few original details must be presented, and others are optional based on your project.

Say for instance not all the components and contents explained in this section must be present. But few like Project Name, Number, Date, etc. are required. Rest of the details like Resource allocation and Acceptance criteria may vary based on the project.

A Simple Example For Your Understanding


Project: Online Purchase System
WBS ID: 2323
WBS Name: Construct a Payment Panel
WBS Description: Expected to finish the UI design for the panel.
Assigned To: Mr.X Department: IT
Assigned Date: DD/YY/2017                         Due Date: DD/YY/2017
Estimated Cost: $ 2500.00                               Accounting Code :

You can see that this is an example of a dictionary describing details about an online purchase system. You can see that it is simple but cover all mandatory information.

WBS Sample Template Links 

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  5. – Find the google doc link here

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